Free Chip Code: Best Casino Bonuses 2019

Getting that big win is a feeling that’s difficult to put into words. It’s such a thrill and rush that you simply have to experience it for yourself to truly understand. And that thrill is even bigger when the money you staked comes from the casino itself!

Casinos regularly offer free chips to their players. It’s a great way to keep gamblers engaged and have them sticking around for a long time. Besides, it’s a wonderful little token of affection! These are basically a form of no deposit bonuses since they allow you to win actual cash without staking your own money.

Plenty of people are skeptical about these kinds of bonuses though. Perhaps it’s because you don’t need to sacrifice any of your own money, but many consider these to be draws for suckers to keep playing without any hope of winning.

But you can indeed win using the casino’s chips! Seeing that you participate in genuine for-money games and you stake actual chips, it only makes sense. Of course, you stand a chance of losing this bonus, but the same applies to your own money. 

What most get wrong though is that they look at the chips and don’t consider the wagering requirements that casinos place on the said money.

Wagering Requirements: Always Read The Fine Print

Casinos can certainly outdo themselves by providing stunning deposit-less bonuses, free chips included. But they aren’t silly, and they know that simply handing out gifts left and right will just end up in them losing cash and their business burning.

This is why an online casino with free chips places certain terms that players must meet to benefit financially from chips. These conditions (commonly called wagering requirements) ensure that the players don’t abuse the chips they receive.

Wagering requirements come in various shapes and sizes. The most widespread requirement is the one that has players wagering a multiple of the bonus. For example, let’s say you receive a chip worth $10, and its requirement is to play 30 times that value. In that case, you would need to play through $300 to make that bonus open for withdrawal.

Beyond that, most casinos will restrict your game selection to a few titles. If you attempt to play other games using your chips, the bonus might become void. In addition, casinos will often give you a set period of time within which you must complete the so-called rollover (that 30x multiplier from earlier).

All in all, casinos have diverse ways of setting up their requirements. This is why it’s always crucial for you to read the terms and conditions of your chosen casino. The T&C might contain something that could dissuade you from using that bonus. Either way, you want to earn that bonus, and playing fair and square is the only way to do so; therefore, read up on the requirements and get to playing!

Unfortunately, some casinos will try to con you out of your cash with their offers of free chips. But that’s why we’re here — to stop that.

The Best Free Chips Bonuses in 2019

We take great care to bring to you the latest free chips casino websites have to offer. Not only that, but we only consider the finest online casinos on the internet. 

We know very well how easy it is to fall victim to a careless or downright predatory casino. That kind of website offers enticing bonuses at a glance, but they attach impossible requirements to them. Alternatively, they might simply refuse to pay you your due for some arbitrary reason.

Having seen plenty of that, we decided to provide a list that players can trust. To that end, we extensively researched the internet, going high and low to find the chips that you can indeed cash. You’ll find a wide range of offers here, coming from various trusted casinos.

Why Play With Free Chips?

You might be wondering why anyone should be using free chips in the first place. Maybe you believe that the wagering requirements sound too stringent, for example. Or you simply see it as a waste of time when you’ve already got your own cash set aside for gambling.

But the fact remains that it’s free cash either way. You might think that casinos are leading you on with demanding requirements, but you aren’t at a loss by following them. The opportunity to win is still present, and you’re only risking chips that the casino gave you.

Furthermore, free chips are particularly useful for newcomers to a casino. This is because it gives them a chance to test the waters, so to speak. They can play the games, have a look around the website, and decide if they really like the casino, all without spending a dime. In the end, it’s only a time investment.

How to Claim a Bonus Code for Free Chips

Casinos that don’t aim to swindle people will make sure that you can redeem your bonus codes easily. This is why, for the most part, claiming free chips at online casinos is a relatively straightforward process. That said, difficult-to-claim bonus codes don’t necessarily signal a scam. Sometimes, the design of the website is unintentionally messy, making it hard to find what you need.

No matter how confusing or intuitive the site layout, you nonetheless need to sign up with a casino to redeem a code. Once you’ve done so, the casino will usually have a specific page on which you can redeem your code. You enter the code in the appropriate window, maybe do some identity verification, and the bonus is yours! 

But sometimes things aren’t crystal clear, and you aren’t sure where you’re supposed to go. In that case, casinos tend to have FAQ sections, where site experts and technicians answer players’ common questions. Seeing that bonus codes are such a staple of online gambling, your casino’s FAQ will most probably address this issue. If not, simply contacting customer support can solve your problem in short notice.